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Trying to control others will only end in guilt and shame. While the Moon rules traditional motherhood, where mom stays home to nurture, Ceres rules modern motherhood such as working mothers and single mothers. Minor planet Ceres also rules food, natural resources and the environment. So this opposition may cause tension between the need for good nutrition and environmental consciousness, versus the pressures of the modern world, time constraints, and convenience.

Lunar eclipse full moon January favors climate change deniers and polluters. Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune is a relatively weak influence compared to the oppositions but it does give some much-needed cause for hope. Neptune provides sensitivity, compassion, faith, and inspiration.

Guidance and reassurance can come from spiritual or religious beliefs and practices like meditation and prayer. Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes , the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named.

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Full Moon January [Stellarium]. Lunar eclipse conjunct Castor: Timid, sensitive, lacks confidence, occult interest, and psychic ability, blindness, facial injuries, disgrace, stabs, wounds, imprisonment. Because of the association of cleanliness with Godliness virtue , this mansion also presides over law and order, moral uprightness and cleansing of moral wrongs. The luck in this mansion is said to vary because of the conflict of the elements involved. Labor is rewarded, while idleness is sanctioned.

It is good for taking exams, tending to herbivorous animals and all types of industriousness. It is very good for gardening and widows.

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Bad for funerals because of the risk of epidemics and sudden death, though, and all projects in progress should be worked on instead of being put aside. Sun conjunct Mercury means the main focus of the January 10 lunar eclipse is on thinking and communications but also trade and transport.

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The Sun, Saturn and Pluto are masculine and authoritarian. This leaves the emotions of the Moon very vulnerable. At the personal level, thoughts and words are likely to become cold, calculated and ruthless. Feelings will take a back seat to harsh realities as bullies, bigots, and loudmouths gain the upper hand. The lunar eclipse on fixed star Castor increases emotional sensitivity and nervous anxiety. At the global level, freedom of speech and the independence of the media will be curtailed by governments and even multinational organizations.

The public, represented by the Moon, will be subject to lies and propaganda. Even freedom of movement and freedom of association will be threatened as rulers and states increase their grip on power.


Human rights will be lost in the name of national security. However, full moon January trine Neptune gives some hope that a sense of compassion and humanity will soften the oppressive nature of this lunar eclipse. On a personal level, you can draw on your faith and the support of loved ones. At the global level, it gives voice to religious and spiritual leaders, humanitarian organizations and environmental groups. The January 10 lunar eclipse combines with the December 26 solar eclipse to form an eclipse phase that lasts until the lunar eclipse on June 5, The December solar eclipse was conjunct Jupiter so is very fortunate.

But combined with this ruthless lunar eclipse it suggests the strong will consolidate their power, the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer. If the Lunar Eclipse January astrology directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits. This asteroid is the higher, more positive vibration of Neptune.

Poseidon was also god of earthquakes and horses. Could this transit be a sort of indicator as to the overall outcome of public discontent there? Altho played out in different venues, one between politicians. Hong Kong handover chart, is a design to bring out into the open, note the opposition between natal Cancer planets and transiting Capricorn energy the problems of integration, transition, growth, career or how one side, or the other side, will dominate in the future.

With the Capricorn transits on Jan, , and already with the arrival of Saturn in Cap, December , joining Pluto, I expect things will come to a climax in HK next year. Daniel, it might be wise to check out Astro. You need to have a gender for this report, so perhaps make it Male since Aries is Rising.

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My natal Venus is at The energies are often found to be much more increased, and intentions we set or things we call into manifestation have the potential to become somewhat unmanageable, as the karmic doors are flung open and we are called to heal past wounds. This can be a tremendously healing time, if we are willing to work on balance and compromise between two essential areas of life — our need for connection and our need for recognition. A New Moon in Cancer is generally all about new beginnings in the home, the family and can herald the start of a new emotional journey for us, wherever that may be in life.

Leo Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

With a total Solar Eclipse, we may experience immense upheaval in these areas of life, and may be called to look at what we truly need in our lives to feel nurtured and safe. We may feel as if the call to heal is accelerated, and the universe is sending us a kind of cosmic message to create important change.

With an eclipse, we always have to give something up in order to get what we want, and so now is a time in which certain sacrifices may have to be made for that safety we crave. However, this Eclipse does have some tough aspects as Saturn and Pluto in rigid Capricorn oppose this New Moon, asking us to negotiate the often-tough balance between what we want to achieve in the outside world, what we need to take responsibility for, and what we want to achieve when it comes to our inner worlds.

External events around family and career, for example, can throw us into crisis and ask for a new beginning to be forged, and a sense of balance to be created. Mars and Mercury have a tough square on this same day, and so the advice is to not make any rushed decisions or act impulsively, fuelled by these strong emotions. We need to keep a level head and go carefully, lest we set something in motion that goes far beyond us. Fortunately, the trine from Neptune towards the New Moon softens things a little and helps us to be guided by our intuition.

Even you, Taurus, may be prone to making a split-second decision now, particularly relating to a course of study or a travel decision — a choice which will unfold over the next several months and potentially create a lot of growth for you. A balance of structure and safety will be required for you to feel secure.

How you value yourself and your sense of worth will be highlighted with this Eclipse, Gemini, and you will have to learn to take financial responsibility for yourself in order to create a greater sense of personal independence. Take your time, and make sure not to rush things! This is a very powerful New Moon for you, Cancer, in your own sign. You may find yourself at the precipice of a profound new personal beginning, which could have you facing a tough choice in your closest relationship — to commit, or to break free?

The choice is yours. This Eclipse has you feeling very impulsive and the caution is to slow down before you rush in, Leo.

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Finding a balance between what you need to do each day to create security for yourself, as well as taking a moment to rest and replenish — if not, you may be facing health consequences over the next few months. Finding new allies to help you may be the key to success, which could unfold positively over the next six months.

This can feel like an intense New Moon for you, Libra, as it highlights a possibly huge change when it comes to your career and doing what your heart feels called to do. As long as you do this responsibly, enormous growth can be yours.