Vedic horoscope of mark zuckerberg

I know a fair share of individuals who get classified as celebrities in this world and their lifestyles and I am certain that none of them would like the world to discuss any portion of their personal life leave alone their horoscopes. Some of them go to fanatical lengths to protect their privacy. Besides, a good impartial and a neutral Astrologer would never divulge the birth data of any client that compromises on privacy and safety —Celebrity or No Celebrity!

That being conveyed I did analyse his horoscope and told him that he had a good horoscope for entrepreneurship but certain combinations in his chart make him start something ambitiously and then gives him a tendency to suddenly abort it, never really taking it to the logical end. Hence he will have several starts in life but nothing to show unless and until he overcomes this trait.

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Which are the factors in the horoscope that determine extensive success in business and entrepreneurship? All wealth affairs from creation to wealth management is controlled by this house. This house control wealth earned by own initiative and skill sets.

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It also controls savings, investments, return on investments, riches, loss of riches, poverty etc. The house of luck and the dawn of fortune. Being in the right place at the right time- read opportunities. The house of career and profession, source of livelihood, source of income, business and trading etc. In case these houses and planets ruling these houses get connected there is a good chance of success in business and entrepreneurship.

More combinations are directly proportional to more success. For example one good combination would be 11 th house lord in 2 nd house and the 2 nd house lord in 10 th. Several such combinations are possible. Special considerations should also be made of any typical positions or combinations that act as deterrents and remedies should be undertaken to address those deterrents.

Here we shall analyse Ascendant wise which Planet and Gems shall grant maximum success for business and entrepreneurship. The singular planet that is the best bet in this ascendant is Jupiter and one should wear a Jyotish Yellow Sapphire for Success. Jupiter being the 9 th trine lord will create new opportunities and show the correct path besides creating wealth and overcoming expenses.

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A versatile Ascendant wherein Mercury- The planet of business and success and Saturn the planet of solidity combine together as the best options. A combination of Emerald and Blue Sapphire would be ideal for business success, wealth and recognition. These individuals are actually tailor made for business with their fertile imagination and a sharp intellect. Both the ascendants ruled by Mercury- Gemini and Virgo have good chances of business success. Blue Sapphire would be the most ideal Gemstone for business success in this ascendant.

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In this ascendant we would need to harness the energies of Mars the planet of vitality and courage. For business success fortifying Mars with Red Coral would be the best option. Harnessing the powers of Mercury with an Emerald shall bless with new opportunities, out of the box ideas, curtail expenditure and bless with business success. Jupiter becomes a key planet for business success and wealth in this ascendant and a yellow sapphire should be worn for good results. The Gem of the ruler of planets- Sun which is the Ruby is the single gemstone to achieve the goal of entrepreneurial success.

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In this ascendant the key planets would be Venus followed by Saturn. The planet of beauty, luxury and wealth-Venus is the best option to leverage. One should wear a Diamond for good results. Mars and Jupiter would be the biggest influencers and their energies should be harnessed wearing a combination Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire. This lord of eleventh mercury or budha sits in the ninth house or bhava of luck and fortune, over all creating a powerful wealth yoga for mark zuckerberg. We all wonder how come he was able to create such a big technological breakthrough like facebook. It is a social media revolution.

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  4. That is the lord of Capricorn or makar rashi. Capricorn gives the will power and ability to innovate. Saturn lordship provides discipline.

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    What gave mark Zuckerberg such quick success? But it gives good success to the mark Zuckerberg. Now mars is by nature a young planet and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg due to this gets success much earlier or more easily as compared to what Saturn would have give to him. The karaka for initiative sun or surya is in Aries sign or mesha rashi. This combination gives mark Zuckerberg great innovative ability to mark Zuckerberg.

    This gives access mark Zuckerberg very different ways of solving problems.

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    Like innovative ways of solving problems. Mars and Saturn shani both deal with technology closely. Plus Mars and Saturn give good handle on technology. Plus Mercury gives him could handle on Computer technology or software and sun gives mark Zuckerberg recognition what makes him such a big success now we see the Jupiter is a karaka for health and for Mark Zuckerberg.

    Jupiter sits in dhanu or Sagittarius sign. That will go for charity but still as Jupiter is strong in the 12th house.

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    Mars or mangal is the lord of 11th house of house of gains. Mars rules scorpio. It would also help him for original contribution. Libra the Lord of 10th House very clearly indicates that he would be very artistic and creative in his work and Jupiter having the maximum energy in the horoscope. The Jupiter energy gives him status.