Virgo rising astrology

This, however, only begins a vicious cycle, for you will doubt yourself and your actions even more, worsening the situation. Virgo Rising signs must learn to take things lightly and not be so harsh with their own self. Praise your efforts and hard work rather than constantly finding faults and criticizing yourself. This tendency of self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-censorship can be eliminated when these individuals are able to live in a secure and stable environment they have built for themselves.

They could also involve them in acts of helping others, which will further boost their self-confidence and self-worth. Healing practices such as Yoga, physical exercises, and meditation are particularly useful for the Virgo Rising sign individuals, who will derive a lot of solace and peace from them. Since they deeply fear a lack of order, they might often try to control things in a bid to stabilize their inner atmosphere. It is important to learn to let go and trust in life, taking it one moment at a time! Virgo Rising Signs tend to speak only a few words when necessary.

More often than not, they are focusing on the intake of information.

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Their mind, it is believed, can rival the biggest cloud servers! They will store all the information they come across and digest it well, without a problem. They have huge information reserves and will store a variety of information. However, nothing can be stored in this database until it is first filtered and processed. Once it passes the quality checks, it is ready to be stored! This quality makes a Virgo Rising individual a very capable researcher. They will not look at broader and trivial subjects but rather on specific subjects that interest them.

In fact, they make great scientists thanks to their craving for perfection in everything they do. They will cross-check all details and ensure their work quality is simply unmatched. Virgo Rising signs are also extremely trustworthy and will easily manage all responsibilities well.

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When it comes to their dressing style, they are all traditional. They like to flaunt expensive clothes as well, though. They will always project themselves as serious, however. As far as their physical appearance is concerned, they have a moderate height and weight. Virgo Rising signs have an impressive forehead and sport broad shoulders. They will usually have dark hair and eyes, the latter being very attractive. They will generally have a small face and figure. Virgo rising signs tend to walk at a fast pace and appear much younger than their actual age.

They have a very slender physique. They will always prefer to camouflage themselves in their surroundings well, remaining neutral. It is just not in the nature of a Virgo rising sign to seek attention. These individuals are very soft-spoken. They will happily play the supporting role without wanting to play the lead. These individuals are naturally shy and humble.

Virgo Ascendants will be good-natured, polite, and cool. Virgo rising signs are naturally shy and will take time to get accustomed to a new place and to new people. Public display of affection is something a Virgo Rising sign is strictly against.

Virgo Ascendant // Rising Sign

They tend to be very interested in religious deeds and are very charitable, being humanitarians at heart. Even though they might be very self-critical, they remain cool-headed in times of crisis and distress and will always try to find a way out. Word games and puzzles often interest them. Since they are so focused on perfection, the slightest change in life will leave them very stressed and confused.

They must realize that everything cannot be orderly all the time! When it comes to relationships, Virgo Rising signs attach more importance to the mind and communication skills of a person rather than their physical beauty. They idealize platonic relationships really. They are very choosy about their partners.


In fact, they have their own special biological rhythms that establish daily rituals and practices. They will never establish a bond with someone who is too chaotic and cannot fall in line with their own patterns. They will be very critical of those who do not hold the same opinions and beliefs as theirs. Virgo Rising signs will not rush into love and romance. They will also take some time to open up to their partner and settle into a relationship owing to their fear of failing the expectations of their partner.

The ideal partner is one who understands them well and helps them get over their nervousness knowing their feelings. These individuals, since they do not frequently open up and express their emotions and feelings freely, will require a partner who can sense what it is exactly that they are feeling and offer solace. Virgo Rising men are frequently drawn to hardworking women. Even though they take a lot of time to partner with someone, once they enter a relationship, they will make extremely committed partners.

Virgo Rising women, on the other hand, are very devoted partners and will do anything to maintain the relationship. In fact, the Virgo Rising signs are so choosy about their partners that they will remain single until they find one that is perfect for them. They have very high expectations from their partners and also from friends too.

Your Ascendant is Virgo

When these are not met, they feel highly disappointed. Virgo Rising signs are really extremely sensitive, loving, and caring deep down inside.

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However, it is not in their nature to radiate sympathy. People might thus approach them for objective and unbiased opinions on technical matters but rarely to seek emotional support. They might seem formal, factual, and business-like from the outside but nothing could be further from the truth for the Virgo Rising sign. This could probably be the result of these individuals not expressing their thoughts and feelings freely too— they will not seek the attention of anyone and quietly work things to perfection in the background.

As a result, those around them might have a really hard time understanding them unless they really make an effort to initiate a dialog, which is seldom the case in the fast-paced modern life. Consequently, the Virgo Ascendant is frequently misunderstood. These individuals really like to be in the company of their friends, whom they cherish in the manner of a family.

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Virgo Rising: Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant | 12 Rising Signs

They will be very protective of their friends and ensure that they stay happy. These individuals are loyal friends and will go out of their way to help their friends. They are so modest they will be reluctant to take any credit for their support later. In fact, they are extremely dependable in relationships and will always be there for you during times of crisis. Small parties and get-togethers with your close friends are preferable to large social gatherings.